Brady F**king Witter


Brady F**king Witter is a sweet and steamy standalone novel from the author of the TALIA SHAW series.

Haven is a charming 22-year-old plus size model. Brady is a seriously hot 45-year-old recently separated movie star. How could it possibly go wrong?  

After being brutally dumped by one movie star, plus size model Haven Roser meets another. At 45, Brady Witter is over double her age, but their connection is instant, the chemistry is overwhelming, and all too quickly they are all over each other. With prying eyes everywhere, especially since his recent separation from his wife and the mother of his children, Catalina, Brady needs to keep a low profile. Not to mention that he's never wanted to be one of those Hollywood clichéd actors, dating someone who could be their daughter. Still, neither of them can stay away. At first it is all physical, but she's more than her looks, and no one has ever treated her the way he does. It could be the best thing either of them has ever had. But age isn't just a number and everything is more complicated than it seems... are they heading for heartbreak or a happy ever after?