Arlo’s alcoholic father left when she was two years old. He was too young and couldn’t handle the responsibility of being a husband and a father. Yet, only a couple of years later, he had sobered up, remarried and started to raise another daughter. After Arlo’s mother dies when she is still only 16, she is forced to go live with the father who abandoned them both. Seeing the man her father has become, his perfect wife and daughter, and the young man who he mentored to sobriety whom he has always been there for and seems to love like he never loved her… the already angry Arlo grows vengeful. She wants nothing more than to burn it all down. But how? Well her dad’s sponsee, Heath, is actually kind of cute and he seems to be looking at her a little more than the 19 year old should. Arlo decides she is going destroy the perfect life her father has built, starting with seducing Heath and ruining his sobriety. Just as long as she doesn’t develop feelings along the way… It shouldn’t be too hard, Arlo has grown up angry, strong, well-protected from being hurt again like her father hurt her and her mother. But Heath is different to the boys back home. Can he break down those walls? Will he find out her plan to destroy his family? Does Arlo have a deeper darker secret that could destroy her first?